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New Newspaper, And New Postcard From Gary!

Hey everyone! Well, the New Newspaper has come out and it talks about all the past events like the Christmas Party, Coins For Change, and Rockhopper.

The Christmas Party is one of the best parties ever! Remember that it ends on Monday, December 29, 2008.


The Coins For Change results have come out and here they are!


Well, Kids Without Parents Or Are Hurt By War has won! I actually gave like 30,000 coins for that event lol. I got like 950,000 coins.

Also, Rockhopper has given us a letter! Check it out!


Here are the upcoming events.


Lets move on to the New Mission. Well, when I was taking pictures, I got a postcard from Gary. Check it out!


Remember that the New Mission will come out on Monday, December 29, 2008!

Coldy Guy


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