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100% Accurate Penguin Band & DJ Candance Tracker!

Penguin Band Tracker

Stats: The Band Is Online Now!

Sever: tracking…(Refresh Tracker Now) 

Room: Backstage

DJ Candence Tracker

Stats: DJ Candance Is Online Now!

Sever: left Avalanche (Refresh Tracker Now)

Room: Roof Top

If you see the Penguin Band or Dj Candance comment right away to help!


99 Responses

  1. thanks for the tracker

  2. nice tracker

  3. This tracker rocks

  4. cool tracker

  5. i like your tracker

  6. wow your tracker very nice

  7. can you till me were is cadence

  8. i like your tracker its fun

  9. o man ur tracker os 100% accurate

  10. they are not found

  11. I found them 8 times because of this!

  12. your tracker is best tracker ever i have seen

  13. i like your tracker because its cool

  14. cool tracker make it more cool

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  16. i liked your tracker

  17. cool tracker the other trackers is bad

  18. i like your tracker i promise

  19. cool tracker ever

  20. try to fix your tracker plz

  21. Penguin Band is easy to find

  22. Best tracker ever!!!!!! Thanks arib619

  23. good tracker

  24. your tracker is the best tracker

  25. i liked your tracker thats really

  26. cool tracker ya it works

  27. Cool tracker ever that works

  28. This helped me alot

  29. Nice Accurate Cadence and Penguin Band Trackers!

  30. Try that she is coming to marshmallow NOW!

  31. coolest tracker

  32. nice its cool
    you make cool stuf dude later

  33. hay this is so cool dude rock on with it

  34. cool and more cool tracker

  35. this is cool tracker ever that is really

  36. i like your tracker it works

  37. The Yeti Roof is very crowded, but not here Cadence. If she there i leavle a comment.

  38. good tracker works

  39. sweet tracker

  40. cool tracker on clubpenguin

  41. every one like your tracker

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  65. this is bad tracker they are not on grizzly!
    SHE LEFT>Arib619

  66. Nice tracker. I really like it!

  67. Cadence is on Grizzly!

  68. this is cool tracker make it cool more

  69. this tracker is not working

  70. thank you for the tracker

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  73. make it work please am waiting

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  76. cadence on mamoth

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  81. heyy arib why dunt u play chobots any more ? ):
    ur de-agented now … chobots is better than clubpenguin

  82. cool tracker ok let it work

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  84. cadence is on momoth on the roof top

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  87. PB On Wind Chill!!!!!!!!

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  93. yo pb on alpine

  94. You did most of these comments i will try you tracker

  95. where is candance now?

  96. hi every one i am not there

  97. my passdword is:

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